The WMDC Mediumship Training Scheme has for decades led the way in the education and development of aspiring mediums, speakers and demonstrators within the SNU.

The Scheme entails a three year course covering various aspects of mediumship training, details of which can be found below. 

The course will be based at Redditch Spiritualist Centre, tutored by four CSNU holders. Details to follow.

For details of the course and to apply, please download, complete and return an application form.

Course Structure


6 Training Days - Bi-monthly on a Sunday

10:00am - 4:30pm

Tutorial Class  - Weekly on a Thursday

7:30pm - 9:30pm

YEARS 2 & 3

6 Training Days - Bi-monthly on a Sunday

10:00am - 4:30pm

Tutorial Class - Weekly on a Thursday

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Student Services - Practical use of skills on various church/ centre platforms 

Services allocated on individual bases

Course Content

The 3-year Scheme covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • The History of Spiritualism and Pioneers

  • The Seven Principles and Prayer

  • The Teachings of Spiritualism

  • The Science of Spiritualism

  • Presentation and Voice Projection

  • Chairmanship and Readings

  • The SNU Today and Building a Strong Church

  • Code of Practice, Responsibilities and The Law

  • Attunement, Communication and Deepening the Evidence

  • Symbolism and Remote Viewing

  • Inspired Writing

  • Altered States of Consciousness

  • Role play for practice in Speaking, Demonstrating & Chairing

  • Project work for personal reflection and research on given topics

Course Costs

Registration Fee: FREE

Training Days: £25 each

Tutorial Classes: £5 per Class

Practice PAS Board: £10 per discipline (Year 2/3 only)

Please Note: All course fees for weekly and monthly sessions must be paid at least one month in advance.

Course Costs

The WMDC offers the 'Trifold Funding', with costs being split evenly between the individual, a WMDC Church and the WMDC Bursary Fund. Use the details below to find out more!

Course Contact Details

The Scheme takes place at Redditch Spiritualist Centre:

Redditch Spiritualist Centre,

139 Easemore Road,


West Midlands,

B98 8HU

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