The Spiritualists' National Union exists to promote the knowledge and philosophy of Spiritualism on the basis of the Seven Principles. 

The West Midlands District Council is one of fourteen regional branches, with 27 affiliated SNU churches.

The District Council:
  • Promotes the advancement of Spiritualism as based upon the Seven Principles
  • Supports and promotes the training of future mediums, speakers, demonstrators and healers
  • Serves as a bridge between the wider SNU organisation and local churches
  • Seeks to further all objectives of the SNU within our region
  • Helps to maintain standards and share good practice
  • Holds special events
  • Raises funds to help assist with the above aims and intentions
Our Executive Committee
Anji Wylde CSNU,
President *

anji@anjiwylde.com | Phone: 07814 056324

First appointed to the WMDC in 2014, Loraine continues to work to keep standards high across the region.

Loraine continues to champion the virtues of high quality education, and is taking a central role in the WMDC Refresher Training Programme for Church Committees.

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Efficient, innovative and passionate, Robert was returned as Treasurer in March of 2019, having been a member of the Executive for many years.

Beginning his involvement in Spiritualism as a child, and having served on a number of other committees and bodies, Robert is passionate about encouraging good, contemporary communication between churches, members and the SNU.

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Sheelagh Wellman CSNU,
Individual Members' Representative

sheewell@yahoo.co.uk | Phone: 07814 056324

Kind, approachable and compassionate, Su was returned to the Executive in March 2019. 

Su is looking forward to continuing to ensure that all our members are looked after and that their voices are heard, not only within the WMDC but now as the SNU's National IM Rep, following her excellent work at District level.  

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As Vice President, Kath is excited to get involved more deeply with the West Midlands and its churches. 

Kath looks forward to continuing to ensure all our WMDC members are looked after, in her role as the WM Almoner, sending cards and gifts to all members in need, so they are left without doubt that they are valued by members and friends across our region. 

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Kath is reappointed to the WMDC Executive as of April 2019, following a number of years experience within the SNU at church level.

With a wealth of administrative experience behind her, having worked in a number of high profile roles within her professional career, Kath is excited to continue getting to know the West Midlands churches better.

Roy Simpson CSNU, 
Healing Representative

roysim@aol.com | Phone: 07984 875918

With a number of years experience as a Spiritualist and Healing Medium, Roy was returned as Healing Representative in July of 2021.

Roy is a passionate Healer, traveling across the region to support others in this area, and sees his appointment as an excellent opportunity to upkeep the high standards of assessment and attainment in Healing Mediumship.


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Religious Outlook Officer

anji@anjiwylde.com | Phone: 07814 056324

Knowledgeable, experienced and efficient, Nancy has been reappointed to the position of Phenomena Officer as of April 2019. 

A renowned ambassador for the Spirit World throughout the Black Country area, Nancy is keen to ensure that those who encounter phenomena within their homes have the support and guidance that they need, with all issues being dealt with sensitively.

Newly appointed to the WMDC in April 2019, Denise has taken up the role of Religious Outlook Officer, considering how best the West Midlands churches can promote the religious aspect of Spiritualism in their communities.

Denise looks forward to supporting all the WMDC churches and is keen to see good communication on all levels of the SNU. 


* Anji Wylde also serves as National Councillor for the WMDC.
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