The Spiritualists' National Union exists to promote the knowledge and philosophy of Spiritualism on the basis of the Seven Principles. 

The West Midlands District Council is one of fourteen regional branches, with 27 affiliated SNU churches.

The District Council:
  • Promotes the advancement of Spiritualism as based upon the Seven Principles
  • Supports and promotes the training of future mediums, speakers, demonstrators and healers
  • Serves as a bridge between the wider SNU organisation and local churches
  • Seeks to further all objectives of the SNU within our region
  • Helps to maintain standards and share good practice
  • Holds special events
  • Raises funds to help assist with the above aims and intentions
Our Executive Committee
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Anji Wylde CSNU,
President / Education Organiser

anji@anjiwylde.com | Phone: 07814 056324

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Jo Allen CSNU,
Vice President / Phenomena Officer


Originating from the Spiritualist Church platforms of the Midlands, Anji developed as a medium with the Spiritualists' National Union, gaining both PAS (ds) and CSNU (ds) certificate awards in demonstrating mediumship and public speaking.

She has been a full time medium since 2007, demonstrating mediumship throughout the UK and Europe, and is also currently the President of Redditch Spiritualist Centre.

Jo gained PAS (ds) and CSNU (ds) awards in demonstrating mediumship and public speaking through the Spiritualists' National Union. She has been demonstrating mediumship throughout the UK and internationally for 15 years. Jo previously served on the DC, returning to support the President and team, with additional responsibilites for ensuring people experiencing phenomena in their own homes get appropriate support and guidance.

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Darren German,
Secretary / Treasurer

wmdc@snu.org.uk | Phone: 07801 811045

Roy Simpson CSNU, 
Healing Representative

roysim@aol.com | Phone: 07984 875918

A church member of over 20 years and an individual members of the SNU since 2005, Darren completed the West Midlands Exponents Scheme and has been serving churches as a speaker and demonstrator since 2004. He has served on church and national sub committees, undertaken various District and National Roles, inluding Elective Auditor and National Warden.

Darren is currently President of Sutton Coldfield Spiritualist Church, and is aware of the challenges and opportunities for Spiritualism, its church/centre and people, and is excited to serve on the DC, to help support local churches to 'work together in union to promote the seven principles'.

With a number of years experience as a Spiritualist and Healing Medium, Roy was returned as Healing Representative in July of 2021.

Roy is a passionate Healer, traveling across the region to support others in this area, and sees his appointment as an excellent opportunity to upkeep the high standards of assessment and attainment in Healing Mediumship.

Roy is tutor for SH1, SH2 & H3 courses.


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Sheelagh Wellman CSNU,
Individual Members' Representative


Spiritual healer and CSNU award holder, Sheelagh completed and helped on the West Midlands Exponents Scheme and passed PAS (ds). She has served previously on the WMDC as Promotions Officer and is now looking forward to serving as Individual Members' Representative. 

She would like to remind award holders that a lapse in membership could result in losing awards.

If there is anything she can do to assist or help, please contact her, and she looks forward to meeting with you.

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Deborah Mason CSNU, 

deborah.mason18@sky.com | Phone: 07840 140585

Deborah has been a SNU individual member for 5 years and a CSNU award holder. She is a tutor for TPS1 and TPS2 for 3 years. She is currently studying SH1 and is an SNU trainee healer. 

Deborah is looking foward to serving WMDC in her role of Benevolence and Almoner.


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Lin Mason,
Religious Outlook / Publicity Officer

linny28_uk@blueyonder.co.uk | Phone: 07980 882750

Newly appointed to the WMDC in July 2021, Lin has taken up the role of Religious Outlook Officer in order to see how best she can assist West Midlands churches with promoting the religious aspect of Spiritualism within their own communities.

Lin is currently a working medium and is doing PAS1. She has been on Redditch Spiritualist Centre's Committee as Secretary since January 2020 and is very much looking forward to playing her part in supporting WMDC churches.

* Anji Wylde also serves as National Councillor for the WMDC.
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